Good Food Brands celebrates Black creators, leaders, and business owners. Below we highlight 6 companies, each has a unique story around why they created their products and the impact they’re making in the world. 

Good Food Brands ourselves is a Black-owned company on a mission to curate uniquely delicious foods highlighting Black, minority, and woman-owned businesses. At least 80% of all the products sold on our website and in our boxes feature producers from these groups.

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Meet The Makers

A Dozen Cousins - Soulfully Seasoned Cuban Beans

 A Dozen Cousins is a natural food brand founded by Ibraheem Basir that makes convenient side dishes inspired by traditional Creole, Caribbean and Latin American foods. Their first product is a line of authentic regional beans that are seasoned with real vegetables and spices and cooked with nutrient-dense avocado oil. The brand is named after the founder's daughter and her 11 cousins.

Delicious, slow-simmered beans made using authentic cuban spices and seasoned with real vegetables and spices. No additional cooking or refrigeration required. Simply warm in the microwave or on the stove-top and enjoy!

Asami - Looseleaf African Tea

Asami African Culture is inspired by natural products based on African roots that are nutritious, better-for-you and support good health. Our products are heritage-based, unique and authentically stirred by shared cultural traditions from Africa, with each product offering a unique story. The refreshing brew will transport you to notable places on the continent of Africa.

This organic tea selection from Mozambique yields a dark amber liquor that is rich with medium body. A honey aroma introduces a hint of dried fruit sweetness. The finish is crisp, velvety smooth, clean and lovely to sip on. Notes of cocoa and a delicate caramel hint complement a sweet and toasty aroma for an enjoyable cup. 

Symphony - Balsamic Seasoned Potato Chips

Symphony Chips were developed by Andre Anderson, a retired Las Vegas Chef and his two daughters. While working on the infamous Las Vegas strip, he developed a 28 herb and spice blend that caught the attention of patrons and fellow chefs alike. It wasn't until he put it on homemade potato chips that people began to notice its unique flavor. Thus, Symphony Chips was born. A gourmet potato chip with a harmonious blend of flavors in every bite.

Balsamic-flavored Symphony Chips combine crisp, thin potato slices with our melodic arrangement of gourmet seasonings, giving these chips a unique flavor and taste we know you'll love.

Partake Foods - Deliciously Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Partake Foods is a mom-run, minority-owned company that makes delicious, nutritious, allergy-friendly cookies designed to provide peace of mind to those with dietary restrictions and simple enjoyment to those without. Food allergies were never top-of-mind for Denise, but when her daughter, Vivienne, began eating solid foods, it suddenly became clear she had several. And just as suddenly, their lives began to change. Denise set out to find the healthy, allergy-friendly snacks we'd need to fuel their active lifestyle, but came away from stores frustrated and mystified. So she set out to create her own. Partake products are deliciously made for just about everyone - from those with restrictions to those who simply want to eat more healthfully.

Partake Foods Chocolate Chip Cookies are deliciously crunchy, allergen-friendly snacks. Their cookies are made with simple, whole-food ingredients like organic ancient grain flours, fruits/veggies, and minimal sugar.

Do Well - Strawberry Basil Craft Mixing Syrup

Do Well is a husband and and wife team making delicious mixing syrups used for cocktails or mocktails. Add to your favorite sparkly water or liquid for a craft flavor.Handcrafted syrups made with real strawberries, fresh basil, and pure cane sugar that allow versatility with your culinary creations. Use for Craft Cocktails & Mocktails, Craft Sodas, Culinary Glazes & Sauces, Dessert Topping, Flavored Waters, Tea Flavoring. Non-Alcoholic

Pipcorn - Truffle Parmesan Heirloom Crunchies

Pipcorn is a family business that started when co-founder Jen Martin shared some recently-discovered heirloom popcorn with her brother, Jeff. His immediate reaction was “We have to sell this!” The shells were incredibly delicate and the flavor was like nothing Jeff ever had. After much thinking, strategizing, and snacking, Jeff, his wife Teresa, and sister Jen decided to go all-in and turn these special heirloom popcorn kernels into a family business.

Savory, earthy, fragrant this Truffle Popcorn is insanely delicious and a fan favorite! Made with only 4 all real ingredients & 40% less fat and 10% fewer calories per serving compared with the leading salty popcorn, you will see just why Oprah picked it as her Favorite Thing 3x!

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About Good Food Brands

Good Food Brands is a Black-Owned business that helps you recognize your teams and clients in a way that supports your values.

All of our products adhere to our philosophy of:

Good For Your Taste Buds: We believe that food should be delicious and enjoyable and select snacks that taste great.

Good For Your Health: We believe that food should be nourishing to the body and mind. Everything in our boxes are made with natural and healthier ingredients.

Good For Your Community: We believe that good business should be good for our community, and we work with businesses that strive to have a social or environmental impact.